How Truck Side Advertising Works

Florida Billboard for Rent


Choose a Location

Choosing the right location is critical for your truck side advertising campaign. We make it easy with truck ads in all 50 states and most cities in the United States with our network of over 15,000+ mobile billboards.

Law Firm Mobile Truck Billboard


Artwork & Messaging

Need artwork for your billboard? Our in-house team can make you a custom message that demands attention and causes action. Truck ads are perfect for reaching audiences before they make a buying decision.

New York City Digital Billboard


Truck Side Ad Units

Choose how many truck side ads you need. Depending on the event or your message, we can roll 1 ad or 100. Our billboards reach consumers where they live, work, and play. Try us out today!

Cricket Wireless Billboard in Philadelphia, PA


Launch Your Campaign

Truck side advertisements can be launched in fleets of 50+ or just 1 mobile billboard. Dominate your area and get your message heard, moving to and with your audience.

Why Choose Truck Side Ads?

Truck side advertisements are notorious for their ability to convey a lasting impression. Our truck ads drive before, during and after peak traffic hours with your massive advertisement being seen from all angles.

Massive Reach

Truck side advertising provides your message with a strong media platform that reaches areas other advertising platforms can't.

Buying Decisions

Most buying decisions are made in the vehicle. Shouldn't your ad be the last message consumers see before making a purchase?

Brand Perception

Truck side advertising increases your brand awareness by re-targeting high traffic areas to drive your message.

Ready to see what truck side advertising can do for you?